Special Exhibition | current

Until 9 April 2017:

The little household!

Has house work ever been pleasant? Looking at shining copper pudding moulds, elegant glass rolling pins, or space-age design food processors will almost make you forget that running a household has always been and still is hard work. The exhibits are devices and household helpers from about four centuries, from the mangling board to the modern steam iron, from the frying pan for use over open fire to the pressure cooker and table grille. A lot of work has become easier, faster and less dangerous over that time thanks to technical advances. Physical work is still irreplaceable in households even in the digital era, though.

Until 14 May 2017:


The importance of door handles in architecture

Door handles are deemed architecture en miniature. Their shapes and their use reflect the respective design attitude of their constructors. We present door handles designed for specific buildings. Door handles by Karl Friedrich Schinkel (Schloss Charlottenburg/ Berlin), Otto Wagner (Postsparkasse/Vienna) and Peter Behrens (Haus Wiegand/ Berlin) are shown as well as exhibits from Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius (Bauhaus building/Dessau), Hadi Teherani (crane houses/Cologne) and David Chipperfield (entrance building of the museum island/Berlin).
Opening of the exhibition: Wed, 23rd of november, 7 pm

Until 28 May 2017:


Artists create spaces of reflection
(Exhibition for the anniversary of the reformation)

For the anniversary of the reformation, artists and architects create rooms that offer space for meditation, prayer and contemplation in spite of our lifestyle characterised by speed. Sensuous materials invite to grasp the room haptically, media projections permit a special experience of space, real bodies define envelope and space, audio-visual differentiation makes rooms visible. The diversity of these current positions reflects not only the possibilities of an open society, but also presents new interpretations of our primal need for contemplation.
Opening of the exhibition: Wed, 23rd of november, 7 pm

Until 1 January 2018:

Art in the context of the Reformation
Presentation within the permanent exhibition

In the scope of the permanent exhibition "Antiquity to Historism", objects with a reference to the Reformation and the age of confessionalisation are accessed separately by a routing system and highlighted for the viewer. An accompanying publication will explain the roughly 30 exhibits – sculptures, gold work, ceramic works, tin objects, coins and medals – and presents them with pictures.
Additionally, other objects from the inventory, especially graphics and books, will be temporarily placed in the permanent exhibition.
Opening of the exhibition: Wed, 23rd of november, 7 pm

Special Exhibition | preview

22 April 2017 - 8 October 2017:

The Heribert Meurer collection

Stuttgart art historian and collector Dr. Heribert Meurer presents his comprehensive collection of outstanding quality on the subject of early Chinese ceramics for the first time. In the scope of several decades, the private collector acquired his valuable pieces in international art trade from London to Osaka. The plates, dishes, vases, jugs, plates and figurines were produced in the time of the Zhou-, Han-, Sui-, Tang- and Song-dynasties between 1050 BC and 1280 AD. They were used in everyday life, served ritual purposes or were grave goods.
In this presentation, the private collector donates his select pieces to the museum.
Opening event: Sa, 22 April, 4 PM

permanent Exhibition

Some information about the museum

Grassi Museum, an impressive building complex in Art-Deco style, houses three museums of domestic and international significance: the Museum of Applied Art, the Museum of Ethnology and the Museum of Music instruments. At the center of attraction in the three museums are their respective new feature of permanent exhibitions and alternating special exhibitions. The centerpiece of Grassi Museum is the Art Deco column hall.
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