Unique Art in a Unique House

The GRASSI Museum of Applied Arts is one of Europe's leading museums of design. It showcases special exhibitions of international acclaim on arts, crafts, design, photography and architecture. It is where the historical meets the contemporary. In addition, the exquisite permanent exhibition focuses on Art Nouveau and Bauhaus, among many other artistic styles. Today, the extensive collection features over 230,000 exhibits of European and non-European arts and crafts from the antique to the present. Our Leipzig art museum promotes artisans and young designers and aims to create an exciting experience that takes visitors of all ages on a tour through 3,000 years of art and cultural history.

One of the Largest Ethnographic Collections in Germany

Until 2023, the museum will renew the entire permanent exhibition and much more as part of the "REINVENTING GRASSI.SKD 2021-23" programme funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation. Due to this, the museum is closed and will gradually open with a new presentation from 2 December 2021. The event programme will continue in an adapted form. On the website and the social media channels you can find out about the offers and current events. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At the GRASSI Museum of Ethnology in Leipzig, visitors can learn more about the life, belief systems and undertakings of different cultures and societies around the world. Sculptures, masks, ceramics, jewelry, clothing and everyday objects take visitors on a tour through different parts of the world: arranged according to continents or regions, the exhibition leads from Asia via Mongolia and Tibet to Africa, America, Oceania and Australia. As unique as many of the objects are, the question of their origin has become pivotal in contemporary societal discourses: Who originally made them and why? What material are they made of? How did they come to Leipzig? Were they donated, bought or even stolen from their original owners during the period of colonialism? Films, readings, talks & workshops give visitors new perspectives on the subject.

In Search of the Perfect Sound

The collection of the LMuseum of Musical Instruments holds more than 9,000 objects, making it the largest of its kind in Germany and the second largest in Europe. The exhibition highlights the development of European musical instruments from the Renaissance to the present. The museum's current collection features objects that have been purchased or donated over the years, as well as complete collections from private ownership that have gradually enriched the Leipzig collection. The cinema allows visitors to experience silent films with live music on the cinema organ, while the sound laboratory gives visitors a chance to try out instruments from all over the world. In addition, we offer live music, a program for children and events of all kinds.

Welcome to the GRASSI

The GRASSI is a museum quarter in the heart of Leipzig. It houses three museums of international acclaim: the GRASSI Museum of Applied Arts, the GRASSI Museum of Ethnology in Leipzig and the Musical Instrument Museum of the University of Leipzig. Together as "Museums in the GRASSI" they organize various major events such as the "Open Day" or the "GRASSIFEST", a great family event.

The building complex in Art Deco style was built between 1925 and 1929. With its inner courtyards and the adjacent park of the Old St. John's Cemetery, the area is a unique cultural attraction and at the same time a place of tranquility and relaxation on the eastern edge of the city center. The building owes its name to the merchant and patron Franz Dominic Grassi.